Wednesday, July 20, 2011

News of Justin bieber [07/20/2011]

Justin Bieber take private Spanish lessons, he wants to sing a song in that language to include in their next album, according to reports Justin Bieber knows its place in the hearts of Mexican fans sing a song and wants to take us in Spanish to the bag. Surely to do this not only give them like the Mexicans, but to all his fans are legion Hispanic. Increasingly aware are artists and singers of the influence of Hispanics in all areas.

We know that is only just working on the album which will include the subject in Spanish, but that is why the restless Justin Bieber is already taking classes to master the language but can at least sing a song and it sounds good.

It will surely be another hit for Justin Bieber as it has many fans that will love singing in your language. Besides the beautiful girlfriend Selena Gomez can help you in this.

Justin Bieber Spanish

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