Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Texas Street will be called Justin Bieber

justin bieber street
Give the title of "Mayoress for a Day" a fan of Justin Bieber can have big consequences, but pregĂșntenselo Froney people of a small Dallas County, where a street bearing the name of the singer from now.

According to AP, Caroline Gonzalez, 11, won a competition organized by the municipal government because of their recycling efforts and community projects, which allowed her to be Mayoress for a day.

Faced with such honor, Caroline decided that his first official action would be to appoint one of the streets "Justin Bieber Way", which is done through a ceremony.

Unfortunately, he told City Manager Brian Brooks, could not talk to the singer to invite you to the event that the board may be temporary.

This measure does not bother any of the neighbors because the board only cost $ 20 and the ceremony is very simple.
(It will be only temporary)

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